IRONBOUND by Martyna Majok

Presented by Kitchen Theatre Company | January 21—February 4, 2018

Hard-working Polish immigrant Darja is done dating cheaters and dreamers. It’s time to look out for herself and the only thing that matters more—her son. Over the course of three relationships, two decades and three presidential administrations, Darja must decide how hard she’s willing to fight for what she loves most. From rising star Martyna Majok comes a portrait of a woman for whom love is a luxury - and a liability - when fighting to survive in America. A new play brimming with humor, wit, and heart.

The short and sweet of it: you have just five more chances, this Wednesday through Sunday, to catch M. Bevin O’Gara’s spellbinding production of Ironbound at the Kitchen Theatre, a glorious combination of design, direction and acting married to a heartrending, luminous script....O’Gara allows this enchanting scene of missed connections to breathe, the long moments of silence as active as those of speech.
— Ross Haarstad, Ithaca Times